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JEGLIDE, from past till today

JEGLIDE can be denoted as the reflection of the experiences had in textile sector since 1973.

In 1973, JEGLIDE stepped into textile sector as a fabric merchant. Soon enough JEGLIDE embodied the know how of custom – tailors, this progress let the indispensible special occasion dresses brand JEGLIDE Couture born.

JEGLIDE is the name of 40 years of experience.

The dance of fabric and design, grace and luxury

JEGLIDE Couture, has been securing its place in the world of fashion with its genuine style since 2012.

The JEGLIDE team members, who are all educated in the countries mentioned as the heart of fashion,

JEGLIDE Couture, has united the creativity of its master stylist team with the experience of custom – tailor virtuosity.

JEGLIDE believes that success is hidden in the quality. JEGLIDE team, makes modern technology ask the best high quality European fabrics to a magnificent dance.

JEGLIDE, makes you get lost in details.

A global name in the world of fashion

With its unique and stunning designs in both small and big sizes, and with its elegant sales points in more than 30 countries, JEGLIDE is a global name in the world of fashion.

To summerize with one single sentence, it is proper to say that JEGLIDE is an indispensable brand for the stylish women.


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